xternaLED by DASTERI

In today’s world, the climate change with the gradual depletion of energy and thegradual degradation of the environment, has become a great challenge to us. LEDtechnology is the most preferred green lighting source in the 21st century, which isthe criterion of energy saving and environment protection. Most of countries on theworld have used the policy and rules to map out the spread plan.

  • Minimum consumption of energy.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Increased visibility with zero street light pollution.
  • Greater life expectancy of the appliance due to low-temperature.
  • Greatly reduce the production CO thus contributing negatively to the greenhouse effect.
  • Not containing mercury as the fluorescent lamps.
  • Long life, approximately 60.000 - 80.000 hours.
  • Very low cost of establishment (less cross-section wiring due to low consumptionof the product).

xternaLED applications

xternaLED provides better nighttime visibility, use less energy, last longer andwith significantly less light degradation, requires less maintenance, has less environmental impact than conventional lighting and have a big range of applications:
  • Streets and highways
  • Parking lots
  • Parks and gardens
  • Campuses
  • Government and public facilities
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Residential communities
  • Retail centres and many others.

Challenge accidents

The correct quantity lighting is crucial for road safety, particularly in dangerouspoints in the road network. However, the incorrect lighting may lead to challengetraffic accidents. The dazzle of the driver during driving reduces the perspective ofperception while the sudden fluctuations dark and very light points do not give in thehuman eye the possibility of adapting Iris, resulting in the reduction of the opticalperception of the driver.

National Technical University of Athens report

The report issued by the Photometry Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens regarding the pilot implementation of Dasteri LED luminaries in the Region of Central Macedonia in Airport-Thessaloniki National Highway, captured the lighting condition which arose by the performed photometry. Both the photometric results and the results of electrical measurements attest to the fact that Dasteri LED luminaries offer not only qualitatively upgraded and uniform lighting but also energy savings of 70%.

Measurements of Luminaries with
High Pressure Sodium Lamps Power 400W
Measurements of Dasteri LED
Luminaries Power 150W
Direction To Airport To Thessaloniki To Airport To Thessaloniki
Average Luminance
Lv (cd/m2)
5.52 4.41 5.41 5.10
Maximum Luminance
Lmax (cd/m2)
13.35 7.91 14.10 12.47
Minimum Luminance
Lmin (cd/m2)
2.98 1.67 2.43 2.01
Longitudinal Uniformity
1st Lane Ui,1
0.58 0.68 0.88 0.86
Longitudinal Uniformity
2nd Lane Ui,2
0.54 0.46 0.85 0.75

Description Active
Power (W)
Power (W)
Part A, Dasteri LED Luminairies 124.7 149.9
Part B, Luminaires with High Pressure Sodium Lamps 446.3 476.5